Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dissonance in My Work

I've had a blog for five days and I already try to find excuses not to do it... but I digress.

All I have to show for today is a series of mediocre photos of random events I covered. I'm just not feeling "it" today, whatever that "it" is... you know what I mean. The drive to put yourself into everything you're doing, especially that thing you most LOVE to do?

"GRRAAHHHH!!! Where are my teammates?"
Today, I would be one of those teammates sprinting up and down the court but just not making it to my position correctly.


Malady said...

So today you watched some basketball, went to a Cat in the Hat-themed Christmas event, got a new tire and maybe got a new t shirt. Right?

Way more than I did today.

Katherine Of It All said...

I really love that top courtroom photo. You so captured something there. Love the guy with a tire too. A lot.